You know your kid is smart enough to do well in high school and get into a good college, but he just doesn’t seem to care. Every time you try to talk to him about goals or motivation, he tunes you out and you either give up or start a fight. You don’t know what’s going on with him these days. Maybe he’s drinking, smoking some dope, or maybe he’s just depressed or anxious. You could take him to a doctor and get a diagnosis, but then what? Is a pill going to change this pattern that feels so permanent? What are you supposed to do? more

If you are struggling to understand your teenager or young adult, I would recommend JC Shakespeare.  JC expresses genuine concern for his clients.  He does much more than just spend 50 minutes per week with your loved one.  He would call me to discuss certain issues and/or share ideas and offer advice without jeopardizing the client relationship. His concern for my son was real, his counseling was constructive, and the results were positive. My son is now working again, he is planning on taking college classes, and has put God first in his life!

- Father of a young adult son more testimonials