About Me


JC Shakespeare Story

After a long and winding journey through working the road as a standup comic, voicing characters on video games, and acting in obscure episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and Richard Linklater’s film Waking Life, JC discovered that being in the spotlight was not his deepest yearning. In fact, a personal crisis woke him up to the fact that his life lacked the sense of purpose that comes only through helping others.

Shortly after that, JC began a decade of working in high schools, beginning as an English teacher. While he enjoyed helping teenagers make connections between great literature and their own personal lives, his favorite part of the job was when struggling students would approach him and open up about problems in their lives.

This led to a Master’s in Counseling from Texas State University, with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. During his internship at Austin Family Institute, JC helped families struggling with drug addiction, delinquency, co-parenting after divorce, depression and anxiety issues.

By working as a school counselor and in private practice, JC has a wealth of experience in guiding young people through difficult transitions while helping parents stay sane in the process. If you feel like you and your family members are walking through the fire, JC can help.