Unless They're Drowning, Don't Rescue Your Kids!


Weird headline, right? But the truth of the matter is that the more we “rescue” our children from feeling confused, angry or upset about every day problems and frustrations, the more we rob them of the experiences they need to build true inner resilience. Dr. Shefali Tsabary puts it like this in her amazing book, THE CONSCIOUS PARENT:

While many parents put tremendous stress on their children, others try to rescue their children from stress. The reality is that children need stress in order to grow. Learning to tolerate the pain of seeing them deal with stress, allowing them to sit in the discomfort of their imperfection, staying out of it while they are forced to decide between two equally desirable or undesirable choices — all of this is essential for a child’s development. … Once they hold within them the power to transform their hardships, they will never find themselves at a loss for sustenance because they will know that the source of everything is within them.

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