Life is hard. Sometimes, counseling can help.

Whether it goes back to unresolved issues from childhood, cultural conditioning acquired along the way, troubled relationships, or negative beliefs about ourselves that block our own productive functioning, we all tend to have blind spots in our experience that make it hard to do the things we know we ought to do.

In my own life, whenever I’ve felt that doubt or confusion about how to move forward, I’ve gone to a professional to get help sorting things out. I have been a rebellious teenager, a young adult stuck in adolescence, a parent wondering how to best guide my kids, and a professional trying to utilize my full potential. These experiences have been challenging and often unpleasant, but they have always contained the seeds of new understanding and growth. I view my life as an ongoing journey, and there is nothing wrong with stopping to ask for directions along the way!

This is the role that I play for my clients. I have helped teenagers work through anger, depression and anxiety and find new motivation to make better decisions. I have helped parents learn to handle family situations that have felt out of control. I have helped young adults adjust to the increasing demands of independence. And I have helped people of all ages recover from trauma and loss to find joy in living again.

If you’re feeling stuck, scared, sad or confused, don’t feel like you have to plow through things on your own. There is help. There is hope. Call me today and let’s get started (512) 626-3450.