For Young Adults

Counseling for Young Adults

Within the past decade, a new developmental stage in the human lifespan has been identified and documented as “emerging adulthood”. A wide range of research has shown that rapid cultural changes, such as an extended period of peace and affluence and the rapid transformations in corporate structures, have contributed to an extension to the period between adolescence and adulthood. While many older Americans tend to find fault with this generation, research is showing that people aged 18-25 are actually increasingly aware of their values, and looking for ways to combine those values with economically viable careers.

Many of my clients entered college as “13th grade”, or just the next blind step in following their parents’ or their peers’ expectations. Lacking a clear sense of purpose, many have not done well in their first attempts at higher education. Often they may end up back at home, trying to figure out what they want from life before taking another stab at college. By engaging them in a process of self-inquiry and self-discovery, I help my clients determine what they want so that they are better equipped to go out and get it.

Finding oneself at the crossroads between childhood and adulthood can be confusing and challenging. Young adults are often caught between the rigid expectations of older parents and the devil-may- care lifestyle indulgences of the teen years. My work with young adults focuses on clarifying core values, evaluating current life choices, and working toward behaviors that are aligned with the client’s values as he or she moves toward purposeful, productive goals.