Grief and Loss

My Healing Place

sorrow-and-worry-1434793-639x424One of the biggest challenges we face as human beings is dealing with the intense emotions that come over us in waves when we experience any sort of traumatic loss, whether it be the death of a loved one, a close friend, the end of an important relationship, or any other event that leaves our emotional system raw and dysregulated. Our feelings can get out of control, and we struggle to make calm, rational decisions because the thinking part of the brain is taking a back seat to powerful emotions.

If you are having a hard time getting through such a loss, grief counseling can help. I have both personal and professional experience with tragedy and grief. I co-facilitated a group at My Healing Place for people that had lost a loved one to suicide, and my experiences with transformational healing with this group taught me much about how the soul heals.

Don’t stay stuck in the darkness. Give me a call and find out how counseling can help.