For Parents

Counseling for Parents

I believe that children are in our lives to offer us opportunities to heal ourselves of emotional wounds left from our own childhoods. Often parents will struggle when their children are going through the stage in which our own difficulties occurred. For many, that would be the teen years, when many of us experienced some bumps in the road with our own parents.

The stage of adolescence presents a unique set of challenges for parents. The tools we used to parent our school age children seem to suddenly lose their effectiveness, at the same time our teens are caring more about what their peers think and much less about what we think! This is a recipe for stress, tension and conflict.

While teens are usually reluctant to enter therapy – they don’t have the problem, you do! – parents are much more motivated to seek help. There are few forms of stress more grinding than conflict with our teens. Often, our own emotions are the biggest obstacle to maintaining emotional connection with our teens, which, believe it or not, is what they need most through this difficult transition. When our own dormant issues from our younger days get reactivated by the stress of parenting, we can easily lose control of our emotions and end up dumping fuel on the fire.

I will work with you to transition from a “control” model to a “connection” model in parenting your teens through these challenging years. Trying to control your teen’s behavior is a losing battle, leading to frustration, anger, and damaged relationships. The goal is to establish a relationship built on emotional connection that will allow you to have INFLUENCE in your teen’s life. In this way, you can work to keep them safe as they learn to face difficult decisions and make informed choices.