My practice is based on a simple idea — that most of the problems people experience in their relationships and in their lives occur when something interferes with their sense of a positive vision for the future. We will work together to redefine that positive vision, determine what challenges and obstacles are in the way, and then collaborate on actions that can lead us out of the present problems toward a life of greater health and wholeness.

The teenage years are a period of challenging transition — adolescents are trying on different identities, testing boundaries, and yearning for greater freedom, while parents are trying to walk the line between giving them that freedom while still holding them responsible for becoming healthy, productive young adults. I help teens and their parents learn to empathetically understand each other’s positions and reconnect in an environment of love and safety that allows space for collaborative solutions to be reached.

Marriages are rewarding but challenging relationships that can be difficult to maintain in times of stress and transition. I help couples to identify unhealthy patterns of interaction, then go deeper to repair their emotional bond and establish a relationship that is more loving, energizing, and healing.

If you are ready to work on making positive changes and creating stronger, healthier relationships in your family and in your life, please give me a call today: (512) 626-3450.